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Volcano E Cig Review

Volcano Brand E-Cigarettes: An In-Depth Review

Volcano brand electronic cigarettes may be not as well known as some of the other e-cigarette brand names out on the market, but after a number of recommendations from our readers, we made the decision to check it out.  We looked into their products, their selection of both disposables and e-liquid, and the new options that the company was promoting at the time of our review.

The Basics:  Volcano Brand Starter Kits

Volcano offers a lineup of three starter kits, and we used these kits to compare this company against their competitors’ products. Our criteria included quality of the smoking, performance of the products, battery life, aesthetics, price, and selection offered.

Overall, we were highly impressed with every kits’ smoking experience, as well as the battery life on all models. The selection, as you will see, was more than adequate for the e-cigarette smoker, and Volcano offers some good quality product lines, and offers the consumer some good options on customizing their product. The e-liquid that Volcano offers comes in an astounding 29 flavors to choose from, more than any other brand we’ve seen so far.

Each cartridge ‚Äì or, cartomizer ‚Äì is the equivalent of 4 cigarettes each.  At 5 for $3.99, it is nearly half the cost of a traditional pack of cigarettes. Each use water vapor to transport the nicotine and flavor, and contains none of the harsh chemicals such as tar, benzenes, and others that traditional cigarettes include.

Shipping products from Volcano occur within 24 hours of ordering, and options include a Fed Ex $7.99 flat rate, and free shipping for orders over $50.00.

The Inferno Starter Kit

The Inferno starts at just $74.99, and it includes:

a 650 mAH USB pass-through battery

a 1000maH “Super INFERNO” battery,

wall and usb chargers (including a mini USB adapter)

a carrying bag

a 15mL bottle of Volcano’s e-liquid (referred to as ‚ÄúV-Liquid).

The Inferno comes in a nice smooth black color, but there are options of silver and red for battery colors. We found this pleasing overall, and  the coloring gave it a nice futuristic feel.

Upon first looks, we were surprised to find that the Inferno was pretty large for an e-cigarette, about the size of a Sharpie marker.  But for it’s size, it is quite the power house! It created some very large vapor clouds, resulting in some major throat hits that you just don’t experience with other e-cigarettes. The draw was super smooth using the cartomizer, while the tank setup was just a little bit harder to draw from.

For it’s size ‚Äì 5.5 to 6 inches long — you would expect to get incredible battery life, and the Inferno doesn’t disappoint!  The Super Inferno Battery at 1000 mAH lasted the reviewers well over a full day of very heavy use. In fact, the 1000mAH battery is listed as having 8-12 hours of continuous use time. This is one of the longest lasting batteries on the market, from any e-cigarette manufacturer, even longer than the 510 styles that are renown for lasting 3 days on a single charge.  The smaller 650mAH USB pass-through system was incredibly handy to have, too, as it charged as we used the e-cigarette. The 650mAH battery packs it’s own impressive usage time: 4-6 hours. Between the two batteries, you could easily go a few days before needing to get to a charger!

This particular kit’s e-cig allows the buyer to choose from either the traditional drip-tip cartomizers, or for the now popular 510 tank style. There is, however, the option to have both the tank and drip options for just $15 dollars more. Upon choosing which style of kit you want ‚Äì drip style or 510 tank ‚Äì you will receive either the MAGMA Atomizer, which is anodized aluminum, or one INFERNO ‚ÄúTank-o-mizer‚Äù with five empty tanks.

The Magma Starter Kit

This kit also runs $74.99, and includes:

2 “M-Batteries” in either automatic or manual

a portable case charger (called the “M-Pack)

USB and wall chargers (including mini USB adapter)

a 15mL bottle of “V-Liquid”

The Magma starter kit and the Inferno Starter kit offer very similar things. Like the Inferno, the Magma kit comes in either tank or cartomizer options.  It includes 5 empty tanks with the Tank-o-mizer, but unlike the Inferno, the Magma kit comes with 2 atomizers with the aluminum drip tip.  The main difference, however, come in the choice of batteries and accessories, and the size.

This starter kit was designed smaller than the Inferno, for those looking for a medium-sized e-cigarette.  For comparison, this e-cigarette is about the size of a ‚Äú100‚Äù style tobacco cigarette (about 4.5‚Äù long).  The Magma e-cig is also black like the Inferno, but adds a nice red LED tip. It’s almost sexy looking in action.

The Magma e-cigarette has smaller batteries, and lacks the USB pass-through battery that the Inferno comes with.  However, the kit makes up for this by offering 2 batteries instead of just one, and allowing for either manual control or automatic. We found the batteries to hold up to a full day of average e-cig use without it dying.  The manufacturer estimates that the Magma’s batteries offer 1 to 2 hours of continual usage time.

The charging case is also unique to the Magma, and it allows you to charge both batteries, and allows you to see how far the batteries have charged.  We found it to be inventive and handy, as it both holds and charges your cigarettes.  You don’t have to wonder how low your batteries are during the day, and it makes it very easy to keep your batteries charged while you’re on the go. The M-Pack is shaped just like a box of traditional cigarettes, and can charge up to 6 e-cigs at a time.  It is a fully portable design, and charges on the go.  It needs to be recharged from time to time, but it’s a lifesaver when it comes to recharging your e-cigs on the fly, especially at times when you can’t leave a charger in a wall or plugged into a usb port.

Our reviewers agree that this kit would be recommended for a beginner who is looking for an e-cigarette with good battery life, and a familiar, non-bulky size that they were accustomed to smoking.

The Volcano Starter Kit

The Volcano kit runs $64.99, and includes:

2 “V-Batteries” (with Red LED tips)

a portable case charger (called the “V-Pack”)

USB and wall chargers

a 5-pack of cartomizers

This is Volcano’s mini-sized design, using the traditional kr808d-1 battery system and has a cartomizer-only option.  You could consider this the ‚Äúclassic‚Äù e-cigarette offered by Volcano, and is very similar to other e-cigarette systems available everywhere.  This is a great entry-level product for those who are looking to switch from tobacco products, as it is smaller and uncomplicated in it’s design.

Similar to the Magma, the portable charging case makes on the go charging a breeze, and is a unique and useful charging option.  The batteries are kr808d-1 design, but are certainly not wimpy. You won’t have to worry about the batteries not holding a charge, and are some of the best mini-batteries we’ve reviewed.  Volcano’s website estimates these batteries to only have a 30 minute to one hour continuous run time, but it was plenty for the average smoker’s daily need. We had no issues with the battery dying on us, or leaving the user stranded without a charge.   In combination with the V-pack charger, you could easily keep your smoking going all day without anything else outside of this kit.

The Volcano e-cigarette is a smaller version of Magma’s sweet appearance, but allows the consumer to choose from either white or black batteries for a different look. It looks just like a traditional cigarette besides the coloring, and was certainly an attention getter and conversation starter everywhere we took this e-cigarette.

Volcano’s Latest Product Offering: The ‚ÄúLavaTube‚Äù E-Cigarette

Unlike most of the 2-piece 510 systems you may have seen from other e-cigarette companies, the ‚ÄúLavaTube‚Äù gives the consumer a voltage option for a fully customized smoking experience.  The system uses an lcd screen to show the watts the user has selected, and incorporates easy to use buttons for selections. If you want a large amount of vapor, you can set the device to 6v. If you want a smaller, more discrete puff of vapor, set the device for  3v.  The traditional e-cigarette experience can be reproduced by using a setting of 3 or 4.

The LavaTube starter kit costs $99.95, and includes:

The LavaTube atomizer

a rechargeable LiMN Battery

car and wall chargers

a “Black Swirl” Drip system (for refilling cartridges)

a carrying case

This system uses the new high-drain 18650 style LiMN battery for optimal use in this e-cigarette, guaranteeing long usage times no matter what setting you’re using. They can withstand high amperage drains well, and although you won’t need to anytime soon, you can buy extra batteries from Volcano’s website for just $11.95 each.  Although revolutionary to the e-cig world, these batteries were also built with safety in mind.

The other major difference between the LavaTube and other Volcano kits is the customization of the e-cigarette.  Volcano offers a large number of various drip tips, as well as tube tanks that will fit either 4mL or 7mL cartridges.

The carrying case is very nice, and includes egg carton foam protection, as well as elastic straps inside that keep your LavaTube and accessories secured and safe.  The outside of the case is a flat black, and is reminiscent of a fine eye glass case. The reviewers were quite happy with the case in the protection of the atomizer and accessories when traveling.

The newest addition for the LavaTube is the new, high polished Chrome LavaTube e-cigarette.

Volcano’s E-Liquids: How do they compare?

Volcano’s E-Liquids, also known as ‚ÄúV-Liquids‚Äù come in a dizzying array of flavors, available to all of Volcano’s e-cigarette models. We spent some time and tested every flavor Volcano offers, and were highly impressed by the flavor quality and strength.

The flavors that Volcano offers are:  Waikiki Watermelon, Vanilla Bean, Tobacco, Tobacco Pure, Surfer Soda, Sweet tart, Shaka Strawberry, RY-Four, Red Hot lava, Pipeline Peach, Red Wings, Pineapple Punch, Mauna Dew, Kona Coffee, Hawaiian Espresso, Pearadise, Menthol, Jungle Fruit, Grape Escape, Coocoo Coconut, Cotton Candy, Cherry Lava, Bonzai Banana, Hula Punch, BlueWater, Punch Aloha apple, Lahaina Lychee , Kawika’s Kiwi, and Choconilla Haze.

As I said, a dizzying amount of flavors! Our research team’s top 5 favorites were Kona Coffee, Choconilla Haze, Tobacco Pure, Sweet Tart, and Grape Escape.  They were extremely flavorful, and smoked easily, producing a good amount of vapor.

Each flavor comes in varying strengths, from 0mg up to 24mg of nicotine. It offers a variety of levels for all smokers, from beginners to those who are looking to quit altogether. The 24 mg option is great for those long-term smokers who are looking for that full kick they’re used to from smoking.

Volcano’s Disposable Cigarettes

For those looking to try out Volcano’s e-cigarettes,  they offer disposable e-cigarettes.  This product line is great for those who are looking to start e-cigarettes, or a different brand, but are hesitant to spend so much on a starter kit.  They cost only $12.99, and come in two flavors: Menthol or Tobacco.  They do, however, come in multiple strengths: 16mg, 8mg, and 0mg.  Menthol disposables come with a green LED light at the end, and the Tobacco has a red LED light, particularly handy in quick identification of your e-cigarette out of the package.

Each disposable cigarette is preloaded with enough e-liquid to equal 2 packs of cigarettes for the average smoker (your mileage may vary based on your smoking style).

Volcano has recently added a new ‚ÄúExpress Disposable‚Äù line for those who still want to just try an e-cigarette, but are pretty sure they might upgrade later on.  The Express comes with a  USB charger for it’s rechargeable battery, and one cartridge, in Menthol or Tobacco.  This kit will allow you to upgrade to more batteries, options such as a wall charger or v-pack, and any of the Volcano brand  flavored cartomizers.

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