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Vapor4Life Titan Review

Vapor4Life has been a mainstay at the top of the electronic cigarette industry. They’ve been around for quite some time because they offer e-cigarettes that both work extremely well and look the part. But something that happened recently has really vaulted them toward the very top of the industry in terms of which company has the best electronic cigarette technology. On February 6, 2012, Vapor4Life released a product that solved a problem every e-smoker has dealt with before – a lackluster e-cig battery. The Titan has been a huge hit in the electronic smoking community because it leaves those crappy batteries of other brands in the dust. Reviewers, myself included, have loved its extended battery life, high vapor volume and it’s undeniable style. I’ve put together a thorough review of what makes the Vapor4Life Titan one of the best e-cigarette batteries in the world and why it’s now my go-to electronic cigarette battery.


Specs and Other Vapor4Life Basics


If you’re interested in purchasing an e-cigarette that uses the Titan as the battery, simply head over to Vapor4Life’s website and purchase one of their three starter kits. They all use and include Titan battery technology. These kits go for $49.95, $75 and $105, depending on how much you want to spend, but don’t worry, they all included at least 1 Titan battery. I received the Ultimate Starter Kit for review purposes. It goes for $105 and includes 2 Titan batteries, a slim charger, a carrying case, 2 packs of cartomizers, a portable charging case and a USB Passthrough battery. It’s a great value and I recommend it for anyone that has the money, though all of the starter kits are quality in that they contain the Titan battery.


When selecting the specific style of the Titan battery to come with your starter kit, you have quite an amazing amount of options. There is a whole rainbow of colors, you aren’t forced to choose between the same old boring white and black. From there you select the size: short, standard or XL. The larger the size, the more charge the battery can hold, and they all cost the same amount. The XL is pretty cool looking; long, trim and slim. The short is perfect for e-smoking on the go and the standard is…well…standard. It all really comes down to your personal preferences.


The final choice is the choice between manual and automatic battery. The manual battery requires you to press down on a button as you inhale, the automatic does not. This also is really a personal preference, they are both worthy options.


There are an almost unlimited amount of options for how you want your Titan battery to look and perform, but no matter which choices you make, I guarantee you will enjoy using it. Anyway, let’s get on to the review. I’ll tell you what I particularly liked about the Titan battery and how it compares to other batteries and brands I’ve experienced.



Vapor4Life Titan is A Supercharged Battery


Electronic cigarette batteries of the past have been known to have their share of issues. The first and most important downside of many batteries on the market is that they simply don’t last long enough. Say what you will about how bad tobacco cigarettes are, at least they never run out of battery. Batteries have long been a hindrance to an unimpaired electronic smoking experience. It’s still very much worth it to make the switch to e-cigarettes, but it can be a pain in the butt nonetheless. The greatest asset of the new Vapor4Life Titan is that it has an extended battery life. It runs not only for a longer amount of time, but it runs harder and produces more vapor until it, at long last, runs out of charge.


I received a Vapor4Life Ultimate Starter Kit for review purposes, and I will say right here that this battery completely lives up to its name. After the first charge, I was puffing away on my Titan for 2 straight days before I needed to hook up the second battery and recharge the first. It’s the little mini e-cigarette that could. It’s so classy that I truly didn’t believe it could perform like it does and for how long it does, but it certainly does!


The Titan, Unlike the Titanic, Is Leak-Proof


A big issue with a lot of batteries is that they don’t seal with the flavor cartridge very well, allowing e-liquid to breach the connection and leak all over the place. E-liquid is a fantastic invention and it’s the juice that runs the electronic cigarette smoking experience, but if you get that stuff on your clothes or, God forbid, in your mouth, you will curse its name. A more damaging problem is when the e-liquid gets into the inner-workings of the battery and literally destroys it, never to work again. The Vapor4Life Titan has a new seal that prevents both of these e-liquid issues. If you are a new e-smoker, you may not notice the seal and the improvements, but if you’ve used e-cigs before and you’ve ever ruined a battery by e-liquid or gotten e-liquid on your clothes, you will certainly notice and appreciate it.


I have certainly had my share of e-liquid in the mouth and I’ve definitely had a few off-brand e-cigarette batteries that busted when they were filled with e-liquid after a breached connection. E-liquid, amazing as it is, must be tamed and respected. The Titan respects its power and keeps it sealed inside the flavor cartridge where it belongs. I don’t have much to report about this aspect of the Titan because I had no issue with it. There was never anything even resembling a leak and my battery has lasted without any issue up until now, it’s running just as smoothly as it was when I first opened it. I can say with certainty that the seal is as close to perfect as you can get.


The V4L Titan has Style and Class


The Amazing Soft Touch Finish


Beyond the actual technological advancements, there are a lot of aesthetic things to love about this new Titan battery. I absolutely love what Vapor4Life calls the “Soft Touch Finish”. I opened up my review kit and was astonished when I had my first feel of this soft finish. It felt amazing! I am so used to that hard, metallic, unemotional feel of typical electronic cigarette batteries that this rubbery matte finish blew my mind. It beats those metal e-cigarettes in every way. It feels sturdier, it looks sleeker and it really is just plain sexy.


Dazzling Jeweled LED Tip


I for one am sick of those boring white electronic cigarettes with the dull orange light on the end. They look just like a tobacco cigarette, the one thing that us e-smokers are trying to get away from. You don’t have to worry about this at all with the Vapor4Life Titan. It comes in a whole rainbow of colors as we discussed before, but it also has a revolutionary new LED tip. Whether you choose their blue or their white Jeweled LED Tip, you will be delighted by it’s glow. I loved taking my Titan out to the bar or out with my friends because it is just a beautiful specimen of e-cigarette. It is a conversation starter and it really gives a good name to electronic cigarettes. I can pretty much guarantee that you will find the Jeweled LED Tip to be a spectacular addition to an already phenomenal Titan battery.

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