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Vapor Couture Review

Vapor Couture Review Presents a Complete Guide to the First Fashion Focused E-cigarette Brand for Women

Technology is advancing in many ways and with it old habits die hard and become reborn as technological feats; and cigarettes are no exception! E-cigarettes are just a small example of this technological overflow into daily life and offer the same old smoke with much healthier health effects. One would think everyone would be jumping on this chance to improve their habits but it just doesn’t seem to stick with men as much as it does women. Women actually account for over 65% of smokers who have gone to the e-cigarette and given up real tobacco but the companies are still stuck in that masculine drive to gain men as their leading customer. We see on the store shelf everything from e-cigarettes in cheesy colors all the way up to the expensive ones with the fake cherry but one would think with such knowledge as given one of these companies would throw their full support behind women as the leading consumer. However so far only one company has put this into thought and has stepped up to the plate to support the female smoking demographic. V2 Cigs has designed and tested a new variety of e-cigarette called Vapor Couture that was specifically designed for women in style, function, size, and power.

Style and Design is the Vapor Couture’s Calling Card

Women tend to care more about how they look in everyday mundane tasks more so their male counterparts so one of the priorities when designing an e-cigarette for women was the style and appearance. It needs to look beautiful, natural, and elegant – everything a woman wants to feel no matter what they are doing. The first thing you notice about the Vapor Couture is that it retains the classic feel of the original V2 Cig but expresses more detail in outer appearance. The Vapor Couture is smaller, thinner, and the right size for anyone to hold in their hand. It’s the classic “Cruella De Ville” style e-cigarette but with so much more class and beauty. It truly is the next step in smoking in the female demographic.
Size is one thing that’s very important but to the average woman style is just as important. The Vapor Couture doesn’t slack off in that aspect either by offering four different colors to choose from like Purple, Steel, Rose/Gold, and a color style V2 Cigs has dubbed “signature”. The first thing that should be commented on is that all of these colors are strategically selected as they match just about any wardrobe item. That’s not everything however. V2 Cigs has improved the flavoring cartridges and batteries normally found in e-cigarettes and matched them to the color of the e-cigarette. So one can either smoke an e-cigarette of a pretty solid color or get creative by mixing different colors together to forum something personal.


Pricing the Vapor Couture and the Coupons You’ll Want To Use (Don’t Worry, They’re Right Here!)


Another big factor when it comes to anything is the price. In this economy many people are extremely price conscientious and will run away from a product with too big of a price tag. Women in this regard are the biggest perpetrators, always looking for a deal, and often finding it. So armed with this knowledge V2 Cigs sat down and worked out 4 different viable price packages that are both fair and tempting to the customer while still allowing the company to profit and grow. Customers have the choice between the following:

  • The Vapor Couture Essentials Kit comes out to be $84.95 with our 15% coupon.
  • The Vapor Couture Deluxe Kit comes out to be $127.45 with our 15% coupon.
  • The Vapor Couture Deluxe Sampler Kit, which is the largest and the best quality deal, is only $135.95 with our 15% coupon.

Each package has its own supplies and unique features that make it more than worth the price. Each of these packages will be explored in greater detail farther in this article. We have no problem mentioning up front that these make great gifts, especially for women who enjoy smoking but either want to or need to quit the habit. Whatever the reason is for the gift, or even if it’s a spontaneous thing, you won’t beat the style, quality, and pricing offered by V2 Cigs with their Vapor Couture collection.


Vapor Couture and Their Starter Kits Explained

The Essentials Kit is the first tier of the Vapor Couture line and is by far the cheapest of the packages coming in just at $89.95. However while it is cheapest package it’s certainly not cheap in price. Inside of them you get your full money’s worth and more however making it jump over the line from “should I buy” to “this is a deal”. The kit itself contains the following:

– (2) Flavor Cartridges Packs (5 cartridges in each package) in the style and flavor of your preference.
— (2) Lithium Ion Batteries that are brushed platinum in whichever color you prefer
— (1) AC Wall Charger
— (1) Mini Smart Charger

The Essentials Kit lives up to its name sake by providing you the essentials; everything you need to start using your Vapor Couture without any more effort. It doesn’t provide the higher quality items the higher level packages have but if you just want to start out bare bones then this is the package for you. No matter how one looks at this deal it’s a bargain for the amount of supplies you get and for the actual product itself.

– With our 15% discount coupon the price of the Vapor Couture Essentials Kit is lowered to $89.95.

Next in the tiers of Vapor Couture packages is the Deluxe Kit which comes out to a reasonable $127.45. What really separates the Deluxe Kit and makes the extra amount in price from the Essentials Kit worth is the Vapor Couture clutch bag. Not only does it hold your Vapor Couture, stores all of your supplies within easy reach, but it also looks great. V2 Cigs really went out of their way to make this bag worthy of fashion critics and anyone else who lays eyes on it. The Deluxe Kit also includes a very useful bracelet that conveniently allows one to store their Vapor Couture on their wrist so it’s always available when it’s needed and never far from the fingers. This package is definitely worth the extra moolah and would make any woman happy to have it.

– With our 15% discount coupon the price of the Vapor Couture Deluxe Kit is lowered to $127.45.
The last and final tier of the Vapor Couture starter package is the Deluxe Sample Kit, which is with our 15% discount coupon comes out to be the best price out of the tiers and the most comprehensive package. Coming in at just $135.95 the Deluxe Sample Kit hit the mark with the most supplies and accessories. The Deluxe Sample Kit contains all of the items found in the previous 2 tiers (with the exception of the bracelet which is traded for a lanyard) and comes with a sample flavoring of all 5 flavors offered by V2 Cigs; Bomb Shell, Rodeo Drive, Passion Fruit, and Fresh Mint. This package is the most popular because for only another 8 dollars you get every flavor. It really allows you to open yourself up to the Vapor Couture culture for an awesome price.

– With our 15% discount coupon the price of the Vapor Couture Deluxe Kit is lowered to $135.95.


The Vapor Couture Flavor Refills Offer a Whole New Level of Creativity

Once your Vapor Couture e-cigarette runs out of juice, that is flavoring, you’ll have to order a refill. This is probably one of the most painless experiences you will ever encounter and it opens up new possibilities. Say you are getting tired with your colors on your e-cigarette: with reordering you can order your flavor cartridges in any color you want. You can find creativity or you can stick with what you are comfortable with. You are never locked into a style or color variation. The flavor cartridges come in 4 different colors such as “Rose Gold”, “Brushed Platinum”, “Deep Purple”, and “White Signature”.

Re-ordering doesn’t just stop at color selection and style you can also increase or decrease the strength of your flavor cartridge. Each cartridge contains a dose of real nicotine, just like a real cigarette, so you are offered several different strengths so that you can find out the level you are comfortable with. Smokers who smoke a pack a day or more might find more solace in the higher levels, while the social smokers might stick to the lowest level. The levels available are as follows Lite 0 milligrams, Lite 6 milligrams, Medium 12 milligrams, and Full 16 milligrams. The best part of the strengths is the 0 milligrams option which can allow the willing smoker to drop out of nicotine entirely and effectively kick the habit of smoking (while still enjoying smoking!).

V2 Cigs hits the Jack Pot with Flavor Cartridges

E-cigarettes before the Vapor Couture came along seemed to always have the same bland or fruity flavors. No one wants to smoke a banana flavored e-cigarette so it’s amazing that it took a company this long to make decent flavors. In this regard V2 Cigs came through and struck a victory with six flavors the fit the style, elegance, and beauty that can commonly be found along the Vapor Couture line. It takes time to get these right so only 4 of the flavors is available on the market while the other 2 go through rigorous flavor testing at V2 Cigs laboratory. These flavors are different to everyone but appeal to the senses in the same ways. Your experience may vary but our flavor testers decided on the following:


  • Rodeo Drive is the all American tobacco style for those smokers who do more work than play. If you are out on the range herding cattle, or just a fan of Winston or Marlboro you’ll enjoy this one.
  • Passion Fruit emulates the best fruit of the tropics and unlike the other flavors available; it does not mimic a real cigarette flavor. Our testers found this to be refreshing and out of the box and commented that it was by far their favorite flavor.
  • Bombshell is designed to emulate Turkish flavored Tobacco and appeals to those who prefer a stronger tobacco flavor. Our testers described the flavor as rich and hearty and commented that it felt like they we’re smoking one of best real cigarettes that they’ve ever had.
  • Fresh Mint is exactly as it sounds. Minty while trying to emulate the flavor of menthol, a popular ingredient in many types of cigarettes. Our testers liked that this flavor even improved their breath.


Look Good While “Smoking” with Vapor Couture Accessories

Women love accessories. Any many can relay that his sweet heart is always looking for things to go with this outfit or that outfit. V2 Cigs pulled a no brained on the accessories the made them worth the price and definitely desirable by any woman show sees them. V2 Cigs really went out of the norms for an e-cigarette company. The Vapor Couture Charm Bracelet, Clutch Bag, and Lanyard are an excellent addition to the style presented by the Vapor Couture; whether you are shopping, at work, or even just relaxing around at home. So let’s take the time to review each of these great products by themselves, even though it should be remembered that they come with all of the starter packages with the exception of the Essentials Kit.
The Bracelet is actually a charm bracelet with different charms attached and hides it true purpose with mastery. The bracelets real use is that you can store your Vapor Couture in a special place on the bracelet which allows you to have you e-cigarette everywhere you go. It’s always within reach and ready to go.
The Lanyard is a keychain style necklace that goes around the neck. It’s really great for places like work where lanyards are commonly seen containing identification cards for your company. Like the Bracelet the Lanyard also has a special storage area for your Vapor Couture so you can always have it, and never lose it. It makes it very convenient to keep with you while working or on the go.

The real highlight of the Vapor Couture accessory line is the Clutch Bag. It’s designed with fashion in mind and easily goes with just about outfit. That’s not its real point though, but why shouldn’t it be? Just as a fashion accessory alone it stands out against other products. The clutch bag comes in 3 different colors such as Bronze, Brown, and Black. Each clutch bag features a hard exterior with leather inside that keeps your entire supplies safe while you bump about on your travels. Fashion aside it holds your Vapor Couture and anything else you want to take along with you.

V2 Cigs Vapor Couture Shipping and Customer Service Departments are High Class

V2 Cigs is not new to the market, they are not the new kids on the block, so when you think Shipping and Service you expect a lot; V2 Cigs gives you exactly what you expect and more. V2’s parent company VMR takes care of everything including their customer and routinely ships quickly and properly with large trusted service providers such as UPS.
This company is rated as one of the top e-cigarette companies in the world. That’s saying something as the e-cigarette market is still young and even the loss of the little reputation can mean the life or death of a company. So you can always expect to speak to a real person, and to find products well in stock when you want them or need them. This is a worry free area when considering the Vapor Couture line.

The Vapor Couture in a nutshell; operation and use

Not everyone is an e-cigarette pro so this section is for those of you who want to know how to use the Vapor Couture. It’s really easy and one shouldn’t be too concerned when starting out. It’s almost as simple as lighting an actual cigarette, and might in fact even be easier for some people.
Like many products that use rechargeable batteries the first thing you should do after taking the product out of its packaging is use the AC Wall Charger to charge the battery. Most electronic retailers recommend charging for at least 2 hours without disturbing. This is to charge your Vapor Couture properly for its first time use. The battery simply screws in the end of the Vapor Couture however before you screw it in you’ll need to prepare your flavor.

The flavor package is just a small tablet that screws into the end of the battery and goes into the e-cigarette. That’s the entire process; turn it on and take a puff and adjust to your style and habits.

Maintaining your Vapor Couture is easier than using it, if that’s even possible. The batteries last for a very long time as the e-cigarette really doesn’t use that much power but when they do go out it’s just a simple matter of unscrewing the battery capsule and using the AC Wall Charger to charge them back up again. If your flavor gets weak or stops completely the flavor is replaced just as the battery is; simply unscrew the battery capsule and place a new flavor tablet on the end and put it back together.

All together our testing team as very impressed with the V2 Cigs Vapor Couture. The style, the function, almost everything about it was exactly was missing in the e-cigarette market. That this has been geared towards women offers an entirely new branch off of the e-cigarette market and paints a very bright future for VMR and their e-cigarette lines. The benefits of e-cigarettes alone are more than worth the investment. The product is healthier for you (there is no smoke), it’s versatile and usable anywhere, and it poses no risk of fire or burn. It’s perfect for any smoker and it changes the realm of smoking forever; just think—you won’t have to pay for all those cigarette packs now,

VMR as a Company and as an Already Proven Industry Standard

VMR, the parent company of V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture is a industry standard already. It’s amazing what this company has achieved in such a short time. VMR by all means is still a very young company in a just as young industry. They have been the forefront of the inventions that recreate many of the different aspects about the e-cigarette we enjoy today such as the Cartomizer Vapor Producers, or the 2 piece e-cigarette, and even the use of rechargeable batteries. Performance is clearly a king goal of this company and they put their best foot forward. VMR has effectively reinvented the e-cigarette and by doing so resets the game for the entire female demographic and sets a standard for all companies to follow in the future when specifically marketing or designing their products for women.


Vapor Couture Review Conclusions & Summary

Our final thought on the Vapor Couture line is that it’s an impressive line of e-cigarette being marketed to an undiscovered portion of the market. This product will undoubtedly change the way we see e-cigarettes and will have a direct impact on how e-cigarettes are developed and designed in the future. On the topics of style, design, creativity, and use it’s no doubt the clear victor on the market. Nothing as of right now rivals it. They seem durable and the parent company seems pleasant to deal with. We will be expecting great things from VMR in the future, however for the time being we praise them for releasing an amazing e-cigarette and throw our support behind them. We high recommend the Vapor Couture to anyone looking or considering, or even thinking about e-cigarettes and the market concerning them.”

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