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V2 Cigs Review 2012

V2 Cigs Sleek Ice LogoV2 Cigs is one of the best and fastest growing electronic cigarette companies out there. They’re taking the industry by storm and are recognized for their high-end, innovative technology and their affordable prices.

While it’s easy to say the company is one of the best (any regular guy can do that), but sources back up the fact that V2 Cigs is in fact the most popular; Alexa.com ranks V2 Cigs as the top E-Cigarette company.

V2 Cigs Review 2012But what makes them so popular you may ask? The answer is simple, V2 Cigs offer everything that anyone could possible want out of an electronic cigarette; they’re among the most affordable brands on the market. V2’s line of E-Cigarette starter kits, a large variety of flavors, their own E-liquid, and refillable cartridges all make V2 Cigs a name to trust and V2’s latest model includes a 4.2 volt battery that easily beats all e-Cigarettes on the market.

This brands reputation goes way beyond their top of the line products and their low prices. The brand has partnered with UPS which helps to keep their customers from long waits for shipping like customers from other brands frequently have to deal with. Normally the United State Postal Service is the typical shipping agent for E-Cigarettes but V2 Cigs has the reputation and foresight to partner with UPS bringing their already superb customer service into another level altogether.


We’ll touch on V2’s superior customer service later in this review, but first we’ll look at their fantastic products

You may be asking what makes V2 Cigs such a good brand? The answer is most significantly their electronic cigarettes (of course). A lot of factors go into deciding which E-Cig companies are the best, but the most important things to consider are the technology used in the products they market and the quality of those products.

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A Review of V2 Cigs’ Main Components

V2 Cartridges and Flavors

Like every other quality E-Cigarette company, V2 Cigs offers an assortment of prefilled nicotine cartridges (cartomizers). However unlike other companies V2 Cigs offers a HUGE variety of flavors at affordable prices.


V2 Flavors and  Selection

While V2 Cigs doesn’t have the biggest stock of flavors on the market, the selection has been growing (with 2 new ones as of July 2012) added to the roster and a really solid stable of choices to suit pretty well any taste and preference. While some companies have dozens of exotic flavors, most of them just aren’t going to taste very good or frankly be very appealing to most users. That’s not the case with V2 Cigs, while they don’t have the biggest selection I can say without a doubt that their flavors are leaps and bounds above the competition. V2 Cigs offers three distinct varieties of flavors: Rich Tobacco, Cool Menthol, and Specialty Flavors – and as of this writing 12 in total. I’ve listed them below for your convenience, and I’ll be reviewing some of my favorites.

V2 Cigs Specialty Flavors:

  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • V2 Cola
  • Vanilla

Cool Menthol:

  • Menthol
  • Peppermint


Rich Tobacco Flavors:

  • V2 Red
  • Sahara
  • Congress

V2 Cartomizer V2 Cigs Refills FlavorsAs I said before their selection isn’t the biggest out there. It’s definitely a pretty solid list though, and I’ve personally tried most of them (all except for the very latest which i am eagerly awaiting samples of and will update when i do). They have something everyone will enjoy. While I’m personally not much of a fan of exotic flavors and stick to menthol myself I actually find myself splurging on V2 Cola, and coffee quite often. For my everyday use I find myself looking for their Menthol and Sahara flavors

Reviewing V2 Cigs When It Comes To Price

V2 is one of the most cost-concerned brands I have ever encountered. On their website they have a chart showing cartridge prices and they even show us what a cartridge costs for them to make ($1.69). The prices are great, I can’t emphasize that point enough, especially considering the quality and variety of flavors they offer. They have routine specials and right now they have a limited-time flavor Passion Fruit that runs 9.95 for a 5 pack. I included their typical prices below:

  • 5 pack: 12.95
  • 20 pack: 44.95
  • 40 pack: 66.47
  • 80 pack: 129.95
  • 100 pack: 225

While you have the option of refilling your cartridges V2 also offers prefilled cartridges. It might just be me but prefilled seems to always taste a bit better whether it’s a nicotine cartridge or a soda. If you’re looking to try out the refillable option V2 has you covered with their E-Liquid. Using E-liquid is a great way to save a few extra bucks, and it’s what I’ll be reviewing next.

V2 Cigs Product Reviews

V2 Cigs E-Liquid – Something Not Offered By Most Big Brands That Sets V2 Apart

V2’s E-liquid line is one of their newest creations and one of my favorite things about the brand. You normally don’t see major companies offering their own line of liquids because lets face it, it’s a lot more profitable if they keep you buying cartridges. But V2 is out to give their customers the best vaporizing experience possible and rather than forcing their customers to buy cartridge after cartridge they offer their own line of E-liquid. With prices starting at just $10 for 10ml they simply can’t be beat.


Why is V2 E-Liquid so special?


V2 E LiquidPersonally my favorite part about E-liquid is the ability to mix and match flavors. You heard that right, because ALL of V2 cartridges are refillable you can add any E-liquid flavor to any flavor catridge you have on hand. Say you’re running low on Vanilla and you have some Peppermint E-liquid, with the cartridge design you can go ahead and make your own Vanilla/Peppermint mix! Currently V2 offers four flavors of E-Liquid: V2 Red, Sahara, Menthol, and Peppermint. And on top of that each flavor comes in a variety of strengths ranging from 0-18mg nicotine. For those of you wondering how e-liquid works all you do is drip the e-liquid into the cartridge using their easy drip bottles. That simple.


Besides the ability to mix and match, and the easy use nature the best thing about E-liquid has to be the price. 10Ml will run you $10 and 20ml go for $18.95. Just so were clear, 10ml of E-liquid can easily refill 10 cartridges (if you’re lucky sometimes up to 15!), which means you’re essentially getting filled cartridges for $1. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal than that!

The final great feature about V2’s line of E-liquid is their batch testing. V2 cares about its customers and the safety of its product which is why they offer something I have never seen elsewhere ” batch testing. E-liquid has always been a weird product ” usually manufactured overseas its hard to be sure about what exactly you’re getting in a bottle. But not with V2 E-liquid. V2 goes above and beyond industry regulations and numbers every bottle of E-liquid, and you can look up those numbers on V2’s site and see a report on the batch that your bottle came from. This is way beyond what’s standard elsewhere even among major E-Cig companies and it really helpts to solve the potential dangers of E-liquid.


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The V2 E Cig Battery


An essential component of any E-Cig is the battery and V2 also surpasses their competition in this department. V2 just recently released their new line of batteries. Their newest batteries are 4.2 volts which is more powerful than what is typical for an E-Cig. The batteriy model is kr808d, which is a mini-style common in the E-Cig market. Unlike other kr808d batteries V2 batteries have a matte finish which gives them a sleek look. You can tell V2 batteries from other batteries just from looking at them, and they even fell different. Most batteries have a hard metallic finish but not V2, which give their batteries an almost rubbery feel. Don’t get me wrong though, V2 batteries are better not just because their look and feel.

V2 Cigs Battery

To me the most annoying part of mini E-Cigs is that the charge usually doesn’t hold for long and they’re a hassle to recharge. But V2 understands this and their batteries last quite a bit longer on each charge and they have a longer battery life. In my experience other batteries tend to crap out towards the end of their lives and the hits aren’t nearly as good. But V2 batteries give off more power, are longer lasting per charge, and don’t seem to get weaker before they die.


Tons of Options With V2

On top of being high-performance and long-lasting V2 Cig batteries come in plenty of sizes. V2 offers a 100mm(short), 110mm (standard), and 140 (long) size batteries. On top of that each battery can either be manual or automatic. Automatic batteries turn on as you inhale while manual batteries require you to push a button as you inhale. It’s just a matter of personal preference really but options are always nice, and you usually don’t even have an option over something as minor as whether you need to push a button as you inhale. As far as prices go the batteries range from 20-30 dollars depending on which size you choose, and considering their looks and quality that’s a great deal.

V2 E Cig Starter Kits

New to E-Cigs? Try a V2 E Cig Starter Kit!

To me starter kits are the most important and best way to judge an E-Cig company such as V2. Most companies tend to buy all the components such as batteries, cartomizers (cartridges), and chargers from a company overseas and thrown them in some packaging for a huge profit. But not V2, they make their own components right here in the United States. So lets get right into V2’s starter kits and how they stack up against others.

Starter kits are composed of a few basic parts: the battery, the cartridges, chargers, and e-liquid. A bare-bones starter kit will contain a battery, cartridges, and a charter. But rather than offering just basic starter kits V2 offers many options in their starter kits to meet any customers need. And unlike other companies V2 doesn’t skimp on quality to get a super-cheap mediocre kit out to consumers, quality comes first. As I said earlier their batteries last-longer, have a sleek finish, and give out more power. The cartridges are tasty and come in several flavors and are designed to be refilled, and are easy to inhale. V2 isn’t just about quality though, they’re also about variety and their starter kits have plenty of it!

Once upon a time when I was new to e-smoking and shopping for an E-Cig I stumbled onto v2cigs.com and was baffled at the variety of the starter kits on the site. They had (and still have) kits for every need and every budget. The kits ranged from basic kits with the essentials to kits with nice accessories like car-chargers and carrying cases. I was blown away by the options and V2 offers plenty of their own kits ranging from the basics to elite top-of-the-line kits. I included the V2 kits below, with a price and a detailed review.


V2 Cigs for $30 and Under -Excellent E Cig Starter Kits for Cheap!


Express Kit – $29.95

The V2 Express Kit is all you need to start your e-smoking experience. It’s honesty the cheapest you’ll be able to find anywhere. And by cheapest i’m referring to price, the kit still has quality V2 components. I won’t lie, the kit comes with the absolute bare essentials. It comes with a single battery, flavor cartridge, and USB charger. The benefits are that it’s all you need to get started and of course for $30 it’s a fantastic deal. Personally I’d recommend ordering at least a 5-pack of flavor cartridges or some e-liquid since you’ll be waiting for more to ship in when the first runs out if you don’t.

V2 Notebook-Cig – $29.95

The V2 Notebook-Cig is the other $30 kit offered by V2. The notebook is a pretty innovative kit that’s a bit different that the express kit and other kits out there. The Notebook-Cig is what’s known as a USB E-Cig ” it’s powered through a USB port and doesn’t come with a battery. The benefits are that it obviously will never need a replacement battery and will always be working at the high-voltage it was designed for. The cons are that it isn’t portable unless you have access to a USB port where you plan to use it. Unlike the express kit however this kit comes with a 5 pack of flavor cartridges, and you pick the five flavors it comes with. This kit is a great option for those who spend a lot of time online, students, and online workers. For those of you wondering about purchasing and upgrading later, rest assured that all you need to turn this into a typical E-Cig is a battery which run as low as 19.95.

V2 Cigs Top Rated

Intermediate V2 Starter Kits

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money than the 2 kits I reviewed above then I recommend one of these two kits. While the 2 previous kits are great for starters or those with a low budget ultimately you will want to have some of the features and components of these kits. V2 offers several functional kits but I reviewed the Economy and Ultimate kits (the low-end and high end). For the other kits check out V2 Cig’s website, although the differences are usually just slightly different accessories.

V2 Economy Kit -$59.95

For a decent E-Cig starter kit it’s pretty much accepted that you’ll need to spend about $60 for everything you realistically need. V2’s economy kit comes in at just about the market average for quality starter kits, but when you factor in all the great aspects of the V2 brand this kit is quite a steal, you would be hard pressed to find a better deal. This kit comes with a pack of 10 flavor cartridges, a USB charger, a wall charger, and a battery. This kit is perfect for anyone looking to get into e-smoking.

V2 Ultimate Kit ” $189.95

Before I get into the great features of this kit I want to assure you that while it may seem expensive it’s really not. The kit runs for the same price as about 24 packs of tobacco cigarettes, and unlike the cigarettes it’ll last you a long time. This kit is quite simply amazing, to describe it as anything less would be a crime! It comes with a high price tag but it’s a steal considering everything it comes with. The kit comes with 3 batteries (you choose size and auto/manual for each one!!!), 5 5-packs (you choose flavor and strength), a V2 charger kit, a car adaptor, a V2 Power Cig (USB powered e-cigarette), a carrying case, and a charging case. This kit has everything you will need and everything you could want from a starter kit.




V2’s Unbeatable Customer Service

V2 Cigs Customer Support

So if you haven’t figured it out yet let me tell you that V2 is my default brand for all my e-smoking needs. I have the pleasure to own several of their kits and have tried almost all of their flavors, and they are easily my favorite brand. It may come as a shock, but I don’t consider their products to be the best part of their company. Their customer service is top-notch and is in my opinion the best part of the company. Customer service never seems to be a priority with E-Cig companies, and usually you find yourself dealing with hard to navigate websites, nobody to talk to, and delayed shipments.

V2 Cigs has a fantastic website, extended hours live USA-based customer service who know their stuff and are unbelievably pleasnt to deal with – and a partnership with UPS to extend shipping options (including FAST when you NEED IT!). This means that you should never be worried as a V2 Cigs customer, the shipments are reliable, paid staff are available to answer questions and address concerns and the website is informative. V2 Cigs goes above and beyond their competitors at every step and their customer service is no exception.
V2 Cig


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V2 Cigs Review – Conclusions For August 2012 Update

V2 Cigs is known as the fastest growing electronic cigarette company on the market. V2 cigarettes are creating huge changes in the electronic cigarette market and have become widely known for their modern technology and extremely low prices. V2 electronic cigarettes beat competition when you find the latest reviews on, Alexa.com. V2 scores the top E-Cigarette company around. Why are V2 Cigs useful? Easy, V2 supplies all a person could use for quitting smoking and a better outlook life with vapors from electronic cigarettes and at a very low price.

V2 offers a better variety of E-Cigarettes, with a large selection of variation nicotine cartridges and even their own line of E-Liquid. Currently, V2 announced their newest changes; a battery that uses 4.2 volts and outlasts other e-Cigarette products.

V2’s electronic cigarettes name surpasses their latest updates, variation of products and cost. So when you want evidence of their electronic cigarette result. It’s not far from their alliance to UPS. Electronic Cigarette customers used to have wait for shipping from the United States Postal Service (USPS), who were the only company would ship electronic cigarettes. V2 became a valued item, that many shipping companies around the world wanted their business. More about V2’s customer service later on in this review, but let us look at V2’s special choice of electronic cigarettes.


With the recent announcement of V2cigs.com’s permanent lower pricing – a drop of up to 23% on some of their best-selling and already amazingly priced products like their express and standard starter kits, for most buyers IMHO choosing V2 is one of the safest bets going – you certainly won’t be disappointed if you are making a move from an ecig that proved less than satisfying or if you are trying vaping for the first time, you are in for a treat! V2 will not disappoint.


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