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SmokeStik E Cig Review

SmokeStik Brand Review and Summary Summer 2012

Smokestik E Cig Review

Are you familiar with E-Cigarettes? Perhaps you’ve seen a celebrity smoking one on a talk show or in a paparazzi shot? If you have, you’ve probably seen the SmokeStik brand.


SmokeStik has been on the market since E-Cigarettes became popular several years ago, and it has consistently remained one of the best brands out there. If you are interested in using electronic cigarettes, or if you think you or someone you know might benefit by them in the path to quitting smoking tobacco, you should consider the SmokeStik!


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The SmokeStik product line has many different components, from starter kits to customizable accessories and options and more, so lets go through them one-by-one.


different smokestik models and colors


SmokeStik E Cigarette Kits

The SmokeStik brand has a huge variety of starter kits. This is crucially important for an E-Cigarette brand, because every customer, from beginning to experienced user, has different needs. Smokestik boasts the following options for your starter kit: Halligan Starter Kit, Hendu Starter Kit, Pink Starter Kit, JET Starter Kit, Pitbull Starter Kit, Premium Starter Kit and Royale Starter Kit. With so many options to choose from, the selection may seem overwhelming, but the quick summaries of the SmokeStik Start Kits below will help you sort through your options, and find the perfect kit for you!

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SmokeStik: Reviewing The Halligan Starter Kit

The most recent Starter Kit offered by SmokeStik is the Halligan Starter Kit, it is absolutely the most comprehensive kit.

The Halligan Starter Kit contains two 2 attractive, modern-looking red batteries, which glow white while being smoked. More importantly than their appearance, however, the Halligan Starter Kit batteries boast an exceptionally long life – a 250 mAH!

The Halligan Starer Kit batteries will last significantly longer than most other batteries on the market. They last even longer than the original SmokeStik batteries, which were already reknown for having an exceptionally long battery life! In addition to these state-of-the art batteries, The Halligan Starter Kit sports three cartomizers (nicotine cartridges): one high-level, one medium-level and one low-level.

These cartridges are plugged into the E-Cigarette battery and contain the E-Liquid and the atomizer that vaporizes the e-Liquid to create the vapor you inhale Finally, for every purchase of the Halligan Starter Kit, SmokeStik donates a portion of the proceeds to the Feel Good Foundation, a group that supports first responders. At $99.95, The SmokeStik Halligan Starter Kit is a steal for such a top-notch E-Cigarette.

The Smokestik Pitbull Starter Kit

Smokestik Pitbull Starter Kit
Similarly to the Halligan Starter Kit, the Smokestik Pitbull Starter Kit features two of SmokeStik’s new, long-lasting, sleek batteries, and three cartomizers (high-, medium-, and low-level nicotine cartridges). Unlike the Halligan, however, with the Pitbull Starter Kit, Smokestik will donate the proceeds of sales to the Compassion Revolution, a charity started by Katherine Heigl (a fan of SmokeStik!) to end pet overpopulation.


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The Hendu Elite Starter Kit

The Hendu Starter Kit features the same high level of performance as most of SmokeStik’s starter kits, but surpasses all the others in aesthetics. The stainless steel battery in the Hendu Starter Kit features jewel LED tip that glows purple when smoked. This is a very cool looking E-Cigarette!

The Royale Starter Kit

For the budget-conscious E-Cigarette consumer, SmokeStik offers the Royale Starter Kit. At $79.85, its one of the most affordable options out there, and doesnt sacrifice quality to be so. The Royale Starter Kit contains a white battery and 3 cartomizers (one each of high-, low-, and medium-level nicotine cartridges). The Royale Starter Kit performs as admirably as any of the other SmokeStik StarterKits, but the white batteries allow this fantastic product to be sold at a more wallet-friendly rate.

Other Kits By SmokeStik E Cigs

Aside from the Halligan Starter Kit, the Pitbull Starter Kit, and the Royale Starter Kit, SmokeStik offers several other starter kits: The Pink Starter Kit is an elegant E-Cigarette specifically designed for people who love pink — the batteries are pink and found in the slender SmokeStik design. The Jet Starter Kit costs a mere $89.95, and boasts a sleek jet black battery, which is always a classic. The Premium Starter Kit is SmokeStiks best seller, and is a fantastic choice for just about anyone; its a basic E-Cigarette with SmokeStiks excellent vapor quality and functionality.
Why is SmokeStik such a great brand?
SmokeStik offers more than just Starter Kits. There’d be no point in great Starter Kits if the very E-Cigarettes that SmokeStik creates weren’t of the highest calibre. But the brand offers a great deal more than just great performing and very satisfying e-cigs, for example the e cig brands unrivalled customer support and attention to their user’s satisfaction in every way.


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SmokeStiks E-Cigarette batteries are better-performing and more attractive than any other brands. The cartomizers (nicotine cartridges) are low resistance, more vapor per inhalation! With several levels of nicotine available, you can adjust your intake as you see fit. This makes SmokeStik E-Cigarettes not only a fantastic way to quit tobacco cigarettes, but a completely satisfying replacement!

New SmokeStik XL Cartomizers

SmokeStik now sells XL Cartomizers. These cartomizers carry twice as much E-liquid as the standard cartomizers. Best of all, a 5-pack of XL Cartomizers costs a mere $27.95, which is about $8.00 more than the 5-pack of standard cartridges. So thats TWICE as much substance for only a fraction of the cost!

Smoke Stik’s Accessories

Most of the accessories available for the SmokeStik E-Cigarette are included in the Starter Kits, and thus have been mentioned above. However, one customizable feature that hasnt been mentioned previously is SmokeStiks battery skin covers! These skins let you customize the appearance of your battery, something not available from any other brand on the market. SmokeStik also sells strings for the E-Cigarettes, so the Cigarette can be hung around your neck or wrapped around your hand, instead of lost in the bottom of a purse, pocket, or car seat

Review of the SmokeStik Halligan Starter Kit

While objective product information is certainly helpful in making a purchasing decision, sometimes you just need to hear a first-person account. Fortunately, I can provide that for you! I recently received a sample Halligan Starter Kit from SmokeStik as a review sample.
As with anything, the first and easiest thing to note about Halligan Starter Kit is its appearance. The attention that SmokeStik pays to the packaging and aesthetics is obvious, and speaks well of the brand. It also bodes well for the quality of the product.
Upon opening this lovely present, the first thing you have to do is charge the battery. This may be difficult, because the sleek battery and cartomizer just beg to be puffed on! Once the Halligan battery was charged and plugged in to a cartomizer, I was delighted to discover just the SmokeStik E-Cigarette is so highly rated. The vapor oozes out of the low-resistance cartomizer smoothly, providing a supremely satisfying hit. When I exhaled, the cloud of vapor was just huge!



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Review Ratings Overview of the SmokeStik Halligan Starter Kit In Particular

SmokeStik Battery 9 out of 10

The battery is by far the best thing about SmokeStiks Halligran Starter Kit. As mentioned above, its an update on SmokeStiks trusty old battery, and boasts an impressive 250 mAH battery life. Not only did the battery hold the charge for a phenomenally long time, but because it is higher-powered, it produces a super-voluminous and satisfying vapor. And not least of all, the Halligran battery is actually quite attractive and sleek! The modern red design is classic and eye-catching.

SmokeStik Vapor Quality — 8.5 out of 10

As previously mentioned, the Halligan E-Cigarette provides the most voluminous, satisfying vapor Ive had the pleasure of experiencing. The low-resistance cartomizers, in conjunction with the high-powered battery, produce a smooth, fast flow of delicious vapor, providing an excellent hit.

SmokeStik Design and Appearance — 10 out of 10

As you may have noticed, SmokeStik produces a number of attractive, sleek, well-designed E-Cigarettes. SmokeStik’s name is synonymous with a good-looking product, and its not too hard to fall in love with a product that works this well while looking this good. The Halligran E-Cigarette I received was sophisticated- and classy-looking, but each of SmokeStiks other designs offers something to the discerning E-Cigarette customer. I personally also find the Hendu Elite (with its futuristic silver battery and purple jewel LED tip), and the Jet (with its modern black design) to be very attractive

SmokeStik Price — 9.5 out of 10

The SmokeStik Starter Kits may not be the cheapest option of E-Cigarette that you will find, but as they say, You get what you pay for. This brand offers consistently excellent design and performance. Your batteries will last longer, you will be more satisfied with the appearance of your E-Cigarette (which does matter, if youre going to have it in your face!), the quality of the vapor, and the overall user experience. If it doesnt cost much more to get the definitively higher-end brand, why would you skimp?


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