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Five Steps for Choosing the Best Electric Cigarette

Just five simple steps can help you choose the best electric cigarette. Not all brands are the same, though they are similar, and have similar benefits. Costs vary, as to the content of starter kits, but the basic function of all are the same. It is important to determine the features that best fit your lifestyle and tastes. The following five steps will help you pick the brand and options that are best for you.

Step 1: Understand the Structure and Function

Their basic structure is a battery, a cartomizer (or atomizer and cartridge), with the flavor being in the cartridge or cartomizer. The parts just twist together. The battery heats the atomizer to the point that water vapor is formed. The passing of the vapor over the flavor cartridge gives the flavor.

The vapor gives the look of smoking, though without actual smoke (and odor). The action of puffing simulates the actual act of smoking. The various flavors either mimic the taste of tobacco, or add a new taste. There is also a choice of nicotine strengths. All this gives the look, satisfaction, and action of smoking without the undesirable aspects.

Step 2: Recognize the Benefits of the Best Electric Cigarette

Users recognize certain benefits of using an electronic cigarette instead of smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. Though they are not marketed as such, users claim to have been able to stop smoking by using them as an alternative to tobacco smoking. Some users who previously had smoked for many years, decades even, and who have tried many different methods to try and stop smoking, were able to do it by using the best electric cigarette they could find to satisfy their desire for smoking.

Another benefit that users recognize with e cigs is the avoidance of many health risks. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has indicated that cigarette smoking is hazardous to a person’s health. They recognize tobacco cigarettes, with their chemicals, carbons, and cancer-causing substances as the main factor in many health conditions. These health conditions are the cause of most deaths that are not due to natural causes. Users, who choose the best electric cigarette for greater satisfaction, recognize that the avoidance of these dangerous substances has to be a benefit to their health.

Still another advantage of electronic cigarettes over tobacco ones is the emissions that result. With tobacco cigarettes, there is smoke, ashes, and a strong odor. With the e cig, this is not the case. Thus, users are able to smoke without exposing others to unwanted emissions. The emissions from electric cigarettes are merely water vapor.

Step 3: Determine the Best Purchase Option

The best electric cigarettes are available both online and in local stores. There are over 2500 stores that carry any of several brands. It is entirely possible to run out at the last minute, even late at night, and grab a supply of e cigs. This is great when you are completely out of supplies and really want an e cig. But, for the user who plans ahead, the online purchase may well be the best buy.

Online purchasers of most major brands enjoy special offers that are not available to those who purchase locally. Most brands are also discounted over the local price. This means even with shipping the price may still be lower. Plus, the user has the convenience of having everything shipped directly to their home, without having to go to the trouble of going and picking them up. In addition, the cost of gasoline to drive to get them adds to the overall expense, making online purchases even more of a bargain.

The most important deciding factor about which avenue to go for purchases of the best electric cigarette is personal preference. If the user prefers to just walk to the mailbox for their purchase, then online ordering is the best option. But, if the user prefers to get to pick different flavors and have their purchase immediately available, then a local store is the best option.

Step 4: Consider Taste and Satisfaction

Probably the most deciding factor about which is the best electric cigarette is that of taste and satisfaction. Taste and satisfaction are probably the number one reason users choose the vaping experience when they decide to stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Satisfaction with the vaping experience usually is due to its similarity to the actual smoking experience. This includes the act of puffing, the taste of tobacco, the nicotine, the throat hit, and the look of smoke. Of course, one of the reasons for switching is to avoid the smoke. The “smoke” from the electronic cigarette is actually water vapor, which is odorless and harmless.

Taste comes from the flavor cartridges or cartomizers with flavor in them. Flavors can be tobacco flavored, or other flavors such as chocolate and fruity flavors, among others. The user decides whether to choose one close to the tobacco they have been used to, or to go with a totally different flavor. The amount of nicotine also affects taste. The e cigs have different nicotine strengths to suit different users.

Step 5: Choose From Top Brands

The following three brands are considered by most users as the top brands for overall performance and satisfaction. Theirunique features are as follows:

• V2 Cigs
V2 Cigs are reported to have the best taste of all. Their starter kits equate in price to other brands, but they include at least twice as many cartridges for the price. This gives an additional value over that already experienced by switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

• South Beach Smoke
The South Beach Smoke brand has a three-part design. There is the battery, which all brands have, but the cartridge and atomizer are separate units. The one factor that sets them apart is the home delivery program. This delivery programgives extra discounts as well.

• SmokeStik
SmokeStik e cigs have a strong throat hit that many users prefer. In addition, they have only tobacco flavors, in high, medium, and menthol. Serious users prefer these flavors that are more like the tobacco they are used to smoking.

The Best E-Cigs

Some of the best e-cigarettes on the market today will help you find a suitable alternative to a harmful tobacco habit. While they might not outright replace your favorite pack of cigarettes, they can serve as an acceptable substitute for when you absolutely have to tend to an oral fixation. The great part is that you can even use them indoors; just be sure the people around you are aware of it before you light up.

The best e-cigarettes available will also include plenty of features and extras to keep you hooked for as long you enjoy cigarettes. From batteries to chargers, flavor cartridges to the very quality of vapor you get from every puff, these e-cigarettes have the quality which puts them on the top of the heap. Take a look at some of the very best that the world of electronic cigarettes has to offer you, and your smoking habits!

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